Transitional Care Greenville & Spartanburg

Transition from the Hospital or other facilities can be a stressful event for both the client and the family. A high percentage of people post hospitalization are readmitted within 30-60 days. At Hands Thru Us Home Care, we have the experience that can help reduce the chances of you or your loved one being readmitted to the hospital. At discharge from the Hospital or Facility, we are able to assist you with all transitional care, including transportation home along with any errands needed such as going to the drug store or grocery shopping.


We are also available to prepare your home for your return including but not limited to cleaning, bed linen changing, and making MD appointments for you. Beginning at admission to our company, our clients are evaluated with a Nurse guided care plan specific to each clients’ needs.  After Admission, we have the ability to contact our clients daily to evaluate possible risk factors that could lead to a possible re hospitalization. This is in conjunction with your customized care plan that provides the essential services needed to increase your ability to stay at home and live a happier life. Due to our knowledge of the health care continuum, we are the hands that can support you.


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